RC model 1/10

Introducing a fully printable truck model with functional axles, differentials. All axles are driven. The model is printable on 3D printers using FDM technology.
The model is designed as a modular system for future expansion to 6x6 and 8x8.

Functionally powered front axle and half axles (similar to Tatra).
  • tailor-made motion control - designed specifically for 3D printing.
  • swinging axles - powered front axle.

Cab TATRA 813 S, various accessories

  • large amount of supplement
  • tires designed for flex filament - designed for off-road use
  • covers to protect against damage to sensitive parts
  • superstructure with box for spare parts

  • Easy to fold. To assemble the model you need M3 screws together with nuts and Allen key.

- tipping body
-Tiltable cab
- cardan covers as optional equipment
- rear bumper with towing device

The model is based on fully modular system.

Here you can download STL shock absorbers, you can use any springs, M3 Allen screw and nut. The dampers are adjustable for size ;hence its hardness.