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3D print

Custom 3D Print is all about customers needs and requirements

Technology of 3D Printing is ideal for prototyping and innovation.

We can design and produce any kind of components or prototypes for various industrail sectors.



Production of 3D models according your wishes.

Transfer of models from paper to 3D Objects

We offer a continuous mass production of any technical components.

Production of marketing or promotional items and signs.


3D organic sculpting

(organics models)

We offer production of 3D models based on photos or scetches of organic themes.

Models of characters from your favourite films and games.

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What can you use our services for ?

Untitled 300x210 - 3D tlačWe can produce personalized items with your design such as memorabilia , business cards, key rings etc. Anything you need for succesfull promotion of your business.

3D Printing in coulour and professional surface treatment is part of the service

No order is too small. Even the smallest order is as important as any other.

image001 pkfsam - 3D tlačWe can model and print out your designed model.

We realise that all customers are very passionate about their idea and we are here to listen. 

7zm4bo - 3D tlač

Do you have a product, but it is not worth a while to invest in making a mould form?

We can produce a digital 3D model and print it out there ad then.

Minimal order is 1piece maximum is up to you.

Working 3d printer close up

Types of 3D printing

fdm - 3D tlačThe most popular and the moset affordable technology, which is mainly used for presentation of prototypes and samples of products and components.

Print makes sturdy and solid models.​

Printing head is fed with thermoplastic partially liquified material.
The material is applied in thin layers according pre-set design.

sla - 3D tlačDLP prinintg uses conventional light source, such as digital projector made of liquid crystals, to flash a single image of each layer across the entire platform at once.

Because the projector is a digital screen, the image of each layer is composed of square pixels, resulting in a layer formed from small rectangular bricks called voxels.

DLP is ideal for detailed work as it is very precise.

sls - 3D tlačSLA 3D printer uses two motors to rapidly aim a laser beam across the print area, solidifying resin as it goes along.

This process breaks down the design, layer by layer, into a series of points and lines.

This style of printing is mainly used in automotive, medical and engineering industies.


What is all needed for succesfull print?

  • 3D model

    First of all, 3D model in .stl format, designed by you or purchased online.

    • If you do not have your design in that format , we are more then happy to advice you on possible alternatives.
    • If you do not have 3D model in digital version,we can create it for you, based on pictures and blueprints.
  • Material

    Material of each model depends on its purpose and functionality.

  • Other details

    Density of 3D prints depends on material and filling percentage. We use 50%+ of filling for models intended for heavy use. Other prints, such as models, are filled with only 20% of filling.

    We can offer a wide range of prinintg materials, such as boidegradable ,extra flexible and construction materials.


1. Contact us

e-mail: martin.brida@gbely.net
tel: +421 911 466 906, +421 911 344 487

2. Processing

Your model will be processed and initial consulation carried out within first 24h of your order.

3. 3D print

Only after you are happy with the final model and price, we will print your model as soon as possible for delivery.

Creating of 3D models according to your specifications.